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Facts about soy

all-soy-products-05Soy is native to Manchuria. It has been in human use for already 5000 years. First evidence of soy in Europe are from 1740.It was planted in Botanical garden in Paris. Soy is hardy annual plant. It has pods that are containing 2 to 5 round grains. These grains are yellow, yellow-green or brown color.

In one soy grain there is 36-40% of proteins, 15-23% oil, near 34% of carbohydrates, 3-6% of minerals and vitamins. The lack of certain nutrients, as the result of insufficient and bad nutrition can and will affect the person health, both mental and physical activity, the person appearance and everyday working ability. If you use soy and products that are made from soy bean you can make your nutrition more rich with the positive elements, such as proteins , vitamins, minerals… There is one common mistake, make sure you don’t make it – don’t look on soy product as substitution for the meat and products that have animal origin such as meat, eggs, milk, fish, etc. Soy proteins are the best if they are used in combination with the proteins that have animal origin. Presence of soy products and soy proteins should be around 10-30%. As we already said it, soy proteins are not, and should be not use as substitution for animal proteins. If you use soy products in combination with different vegetables and different spices you will be able to create some excellent meals. If you are making something from flour, rolls, salty or sweet no matter, make sure you add soy flour. With this addition you will improve the nutritional properties of food. For proper nutrition of children, for proper nutrition of sportsman, pregnant women, for all those people with extra physical efforts, for the people that are recovering from different illnesses soy products are perfect choice. Elderly people should also eat products made from soy. It’s great for elderly people because it’s healthy and more easy chew, swallow and digest.

all-soy-products-04In soy products there are many different minerals, vitamins, there is a lot of proteins… Among vitamins the most present are vitamins from B group, vitamin E and others. There are many minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron and other. Products made from soy beans don’t contain cholesterol and saturated fat acids. These acids are causing heart diseases, and problems with blood vessels. Soy product use in health people nutrition is very good. It can help in diet, loosing weighs and it is very good for overall health condition.

In many countries all over the world doctors are more and more recommending diets based on soy products. If you know how to make it, meal based on soy can taste very good. If you are not such a good cook, you can always find online help. There are thousands web sites that are talking and writing about soy products. Use them, find all relevant information, find the recipes you need. In the future soy and products made from soy will take much bigger role in our everyday life.

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Soy and soy products II

This is the second part of our article where we are presenting different soy products. In this part we will continue with presenting the products.


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Soy and soy products I

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